"I have never seen a rock 'n roll performer so completely connected with what he was doing on stage" Frank Black - Pixies

" Great songs delivered with Pure Believable Passion" Tony Kirkham - Stereophonics

"It's been a privilege for me to have known and worked with George Borowski for the last ten years" Norman Blake - Teenage Fanclub

"A unique singer-songwriter with a righteous howl - George is one of the reasons I became a musician" Jimi Goodwin - Doves

"I have seen, many, many gigs and I have put on many, many great performers, but no one, absolutely no one can hold a room like George Borowski
I was particularly pleased to learn from George, last night over apple crumble and ice-cream at my kitchen table, that amongst the many other wonderful things he's done, he played the opening guitar part on Teenage Fanclub's  ‘I Don't Want Control of You’ - one of my favourite summery melodic tunes ever."
Brad B. Wood – Cityscape Records

"One of the most gifted singer/songwriters and natural performers I have ever seen" Mick Middles - Music Journalist/Author

"George has an uncanny ability to straddle the divide and deliver a message to all camps"                     Terry Christian - TV/Radio Presenter

                                                                             George shares centre stage with Meatloaf, Wembly, 1982


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